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Here at TR33 Ltd we believe wood is good.


Using woodfuel in your home is a clean, low carbon renewable energy source which offers many benefits including:

Saving money

Woodfuel can deliver significant cost savings because of lower fuel costs: woodfuel can be cheaper than fossil fuels when replacing electric, LPG, coal or heating oil.

Saving Carbon Dioxide (CO2)

Woodfuel is carbon lean. Burning wood releases carbon dioxide but this is balanced by the carbon dioxide absorbed by the original trees and in the growth of new ones. The biggest savings of carbon dioxide occur when wood replaces carbon-intensive, fossil fuels, especially in areas that are off the gas grid.

Our wood is a by-product of our everyday activities, if not turned into firewood it would otherwise be wasted, it is seasoned and barn stored, (it is mixed hard & soft wood we do not sort it into type).

You can purchase our woodfuel loose tipped, for example on to your driveway, Cost* £80.00 inc vat (This cost also includes 1x bag of free kindling).

(Please note: we do not supply a stacking service)

We can deliver* wood fuel to all areas of Cardiff, Newport and the surrounding boroughs.

*Delivery charges may apply (£1 per mile after 10 miles from our yard).

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