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Do you do a free estimate or cost estimation?

Yes we do and we’ll make you aware of what each part of the project is likely to cost so you can make an informed decision. We work transparently, you’ll see what you’ll get and what it’ll cost whether it’s tree surgery or ground maintenance.

Can you tell me a bit more about tree work?

Tree Felling (Directional and Sectional)

Directional – a tree can be felled in one piece, where space and safety considerations permit this.
Sectional – if space is limited the tree must be felled in pieces. Branches can be allowed to fall if the area below is clear. Ropes will be used for lowering branches if the area is not clear or the branches are too big for the climber to hold.

Awkward and dangerous tree removal

20years + experience dealing with unusual and awkward trees in close proximity to buildings etc, and access to specialised equipment means we can deal with these situations competently and safely.

Pruning and Maintenance Terminology

  • Crown lifting – is the removal of the lower branches or pruning back to allow visibility under the crown – specified to a height above ground level.
  • Thinning – is the selective removal of internal branches evenly throughout the tree to reduce the density of the crown – specified by a percentage of leaf coverage removed.
  • Reduction – is the reduction of the overall dimensions of the tree by removing the ends of branches evenly throughout the crown – specified in measurements of branch length removal.
  • Dead Wooding – This involves the removal of dead wood not only for safety reasons, for example, branches falling and causing damage to property but also for aesthetic reasons, although sometimes ‘stable’ deadwood can be retained to help ecology.

Cable Bracing

Providing support for weak or damaged trunks/branches to help prevent splitting.


Hedge Cutting and Maintenance

To transform your garden or site and to encourage healthy growth and optimum lighting.

Chipping Services

You carry out the work your self and we clean up the mess and dispose of the debris in a responsible way. Alternatively we can leave you the chippings for your own garden.

Tree Planting and Transplanting

Access to quality trees and shrubs at wholesale prices, planted to British standards and mulched with our own recycled wood mulch.

Woodland Management

With rising number of people purchasing their own woodlands, our expertise and experience can help manage these assets for the benefit of the trees and wildlife.

Site Clearance/Timber Extraction and Haulage

We are equipped to deal with the largest of site clearances for developers and large building companies. We use specialist equipment for extraction of usable timber with low ground damage and large chippers to implement our no burn policy.


Stump Grinding and Removal

We can deal with any stump, any size, any where, we’ll even dig them out if we can’t get a machine close enough.

Wood fuel supplies

Mixed firewood split to a uniform size and seasoned outside in year 1 and undercover in year 2. We also supply kiln dried kindling with every mof firewood.


Woodchip and Mulch supplies

We store all our woodchip for 6-12 months creating a great mulch for putting around your shrub borders and paths.