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What we do

Treework, Grounds and Estate Maintenance

It’s always a challenge to find an experienced company that can do it all.

Because we’ve been doing tree works and ground maintenance for the best part of 15 years now we know the sorts of issues that our clients turn to us for.

Our working with Housing Associations, Local Authorities, County Councils, The Forestry Commission, Heritage Sites, Developers, Landlords, Hotels and Golf Courses, Industrial Estates and Mr and Mrs Jones (and all the neighbours that they have recommended to us) has given our 30 strong team the skill and experience to cope.

Whether you’re commissioning, planning or responding to something urgent our business is built on uncompromising health and safety (we won’t randomly ring your doorbell), sticking to a budget and doing more for less.

We know the importance to you today of making the most of limited or shrinking resources. We know that whether you need your front garden tidied up or your chain of  hotels kept smart and legal you want straightforward billing. You want a contractor with a back office as efficient as the team on your site.

If as a homeowner:

  • you have a tree in your garden that’s become a bit of a nuisance and it’s worrying you
  • you don’t want to cut the wrong bit and kill that tree, shrub or hedge
  • you want to work with a contractor with the experience and a customer focus who will tell you if it doesn’t need doing at all (yes we regularly do this)
  • you want to discuss a garden project with lots of different bits involved

then get in touch

If your job is to:

  • maintain an outdoor space
  • lower the annual maintenance costs of your grounds, maybe through design, maybe through a one time overhaul
  • find a single point of contact for Tree work or Grounds Maintenance – a planning to monitoring solution
  • find a trusted partner on a major project
  • sort out a public safety issue fast and without disruption
  • ensure that the first public impression protects your brand or civic identity
  • remove waste efficiently, economically and ethically
  • keep the momentum going on your project by engaging Professional Services including Tree Reports / Surveys and Arboriculture impact assessments

then get in touch

We offer 3 broad service areas. If you can’t find exactly what you’re looking for on our service pages then get in touch and we’ll work it out for you.

If tree work or ground maintenance is causing you concern right now or you’re sensibly planning ahead get in touch.

We are an approved contractor with the Arboricultural Association

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