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About us

At TR33 we provide full tree, grounds and estate maintenance services.

We’re very proud of what we do for our clients and like most people who work in nature we spend a lot of time on our knees in one way or another. This is always humbling.

Now, whether you call it humility or respect or admiration for nature or ‘green’ or environmentally aware, if you’re looking to work with a company that cares about these things TR33 could be what you’re after.

We’ve grown organically in the last 15 years from one man with a singular determination and focus to deliver the very best in arboriculture and horticulture (albeit with a slightly battered truck back then) to a team of 30 qualified arborists, horticulturists,  mowers, cutters and all.

People who work with us comment on our :

  • rigorous health and safety standards, monitoring and control
  • our demonstrable record of project management and ways of working that support cost control and financial efficiencies
  • track record of well managed cross sectoral partnerships – commercial, 3rd and public sectors
  • trained, ethically oriented team that can integrate, advise or just fit in with your own staff where needed with minimal fuss and disruption
  • light and heavy industry capability – from a handsaw to a JCB we do it
  • inclusive approach – from 1 conifer in your front garden to maintenance contracts for sites across the breadth of Wales – we will work with you
  • streamlined back office – we don’t bog you down with admin

We have earned the reputation we now have for building productive enduring relationships with individuals, public bodies, commercially driven organisations and socially oriented enterprises.

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Dave O’ Brien

Managing Director, Tr33