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What will your garden grow?

Posted on: August 8th, 2018 by Renee Pesticcio

So how’s the garden looking? It’s certainly had plenty of sun these last couple of months! It may be veering towards slightly parched rather than the usual lush we would normally expect. Well the good news is the schools have broken up for the summer now, so the rain is sure to be on its way to keep kids indoors and under your feet.

But maybe this fantastic weather will stay for a while and we will all get to enjoy it for a little bit longer? In which case, now is probably the time to make sure your garden is ‘summer ready’ for maximum enjoyment and optimal use.

Are you fed up of that low hanging branch that has caused more than a couple of lumps on the head? Does that root growing inside the penalty box keep fouling the star striker? Is that bramble growing thicker and more angry by the day and is it threatening to burst the paddling pool? Maybe you’ve finally come to terms with the fact you will never really make cider from the apples that fall from the tree every year and they will only ever end up as a slimy, sticky, wasp attracting mess on the ground.

No matter how your garden is conspiring against you, TR33 is here to tame it and make sure it behaves this summer. We’ve been managing estates and gardens of all sizes for many years and know just how to bring out the best in the space.

Of course, the summer is long and it can be a struggle to keep the kids active and engaged for all that time. Your garden, however, is more than just somewhere you can send them to get some fresh air and time off from the video games. It can provide a new world for them to explore and create in. It can be a project that they can jump wholeheartedly into, something they can start and watch develop over time. And lets face it, isn’t getting your hands dirty what being a child is all about?

We get to see a lot of designer gardens at this time of year at the many horticultural shows, but maybe the next Alison Kirkham or Alan Titchmarsh is in your own back yard. You won’t know unless you give them a go.

And, just in case it doesn’t go to plan, TR33 is always here to help get things back to their former glory. So whatever happens this summer, enjoy your garden and the time you spend in it. The rain will be back soon enough.

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