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Grounds Maintenance

Grounds & Estate Maintenance Service


Places matter. “Watching something grow is good for morale. It helps us believe in life.” M.S. Kaufman

We’ve stood in your shoes. Our comprehensive commercial grounds & estate maintenance service gets that balance right between often competing needs. We understand your needs for making limited resources go further, your duty of care (to your visitors and ecologically) and your responsibility to make the best of your assets.

Don’t ask us, ask our customers.

Our partnerships grow. Every season we re-evaluate how you can get the best from our service. We’ll look at new and better ways of maintaining your grounds and share the fruits of our experience.

Our Grounds & Estate Maintenance Service will work for you if:

  • it’s your job to ensure people get the right first impression of your business or service and that your grounds reflect your brand
  • you want the best possible environment for your tenants
  • sports day came around a bit too quickly this year and you need to get on the case
  • the paths are looking tatty and close to hazardous
  • a VIP needs impressing
  • a special event is being planned and you need to make sure the site is looking it’s best
  • you need the grounds to run on minimal overhead and maintenance costs
  • it needs a good overhaul so you can consider an annual maintenance programme
  • there’s a build up of dead material that needs clearing with minimal fuss and disruption

As with all of our services we have the back office team to meet all your administrative, process and commissioning needs. Whether you are retail, private, a utility provider, the NHS or Government our systems integrate painlessly.

List of  Grounds & Estate Maintenance Services

  • Ecological services – including ground clearance and reptile fencing – working with ecologists and to your ecologist’s report
  • Sports field maintenance
  • Retail park ground maintenance
  • Health setting ground maintenance
  • Community and communal space maintenance
  • Estate maintenance
  • Vegetation control and management for utilities
  • Mowing, edging and fertilizing of lawns
  • Weeding and mulching of landscapes
  • Hedge, shrub and small tree trimming
  • Removal of dead, damaged, or unwanted trees
  • Flower planting, tree planting shrub planting and border planting
  • Watering of grounds, lawns, landscapes, and gardens
  • Path clearing
  • Rubbish removal
  • Turfing
  • Scarification
  • Rolling
  • Weed control